MSC Super Power Bank 95,000Ah DC 5v-19v, 230V AC + Car Jumper


Will run your Transcool unit from 50 – 100 hours

– Premium Super Power Bank, 95Ah Lithium-ion rechargeable battery 5v/12v/16/19v

– Dual USB 5v/2A power bank, suitable for all phones, 5v Tablets, USB lights, Garmin, Go Pro etc.

– Inbuilt 230V AC inverter will run electric Drills etc Variable voltage range from 12v-19v for Laptops/NoteBook/Model Aircraft/Drones

– Digital LED display showing power remaining

– Suitable to run Transcool evaporative air conditioner Can jump start any Petrol/Diesel Vehicle 30+ times Powerful Torch and Lantern with Dimmer & SOS Retains power for months

– Robust outer case, 95,000mah rechargeable external battery would give most mobile phones 35 + full charges Recharges from mains, 5v USB/Car or our solar panel chargers & Solar Charging Can.

– We have recently run a portable Ultra-Sound on a medical Expedition to Madagascar, a first.

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